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いらっしゃいませ! I'm Musee, often referred to as lae on the interwebs. I'm an infrastructure engineer at FireEye by day and sysadmin/developer by night who mostly just hacks things here and there nowadays. I deal a lot with Ansible as well.

DNS Resolution and Site Moves

For now I have * and * currently pointing to the same server and document root. Anyone who's visiting for or some other service I previously had on my other servers should expect to see those come back up in the coming weeks (possibly this weekend) while I spent some time toying around with nginx' configuration.

With that said, some other special surprises may be in store.

Server Switch!

So, yesterday I had my first dedicated server provisioned, and I've been tinkering with it since then, getting it configured as nicely as I can, with LVM and all sorts of funky things.

This site has now moved to the new server~ The domain is still currently pointing to the old server, and the old server is actually proxying requests to the Jekyll daemon on the new server for the time being, until I get the rest all migrated over.

I'm also going to be working on getting a TremZ server online later - was intending to have it up by now but I guess I delayed myself a little with getting the actual dedicated server. Got a good deal though, through Vee from DediDirect!

Finally set up Jekyll!

Tah-dah! This site is now officially powered by Jekyll.

I did put this off for a few days, but all the content I had generated up to now was being created so that I all I really needed to do was get some layouts created for these posts and pages. It's really flexible, I can tell!

I will be writing some articles on Jekyll seeing as it's not very simple to delve in if you're not already familiar with it (it took me the entire day to push this out) both for my reference and for others who might have trouble. There doesn't really seem to be a lot of documentation with setting up a Jekyll site on the internet yet, so hopefully this will come in handy.

Update: Just pushed an initial commit for this site's source at Github.

Knights of Reason / Tremulous server

Per request by a old fellow KoR member, I've set up a tremulous 1.2 server at You should be able to connect normally with Trem's client or Segfault. The server's name is since it seems my friend, with some support from Aaron (the main KoRx developer) wants me to have it be their official 1.2 server.

I'm going to look into possibly modifying a QVM, too. I can't go all full-fledged with porting KoRx to 1.2 (despite the huge want for it...) since I don't know C, and Aaron is both too busy with school and too lazy to port it himself, heh.


Hi, my name is Musee. I'm currently a systems administrator who's actually looking to go into ruby development.

So, this place will be my corner of the internet to store what I create and find out, along with my thoughts. I hope it's helpful for someone out there.

Tomorrow's the blackout day. I wonder if people will remember this and what they would think. Down with SOPA!

This site isn't much now, but stay tuned!