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Notice: If you're here to find information about, this is the wrong place. is a top level domain name whose use is shared through the non-profit DNS hosting services at I know nothing more than that, but thanks for visiting.

Second Notice (2013.06.29): Yes, the maintainer of stealthed his domain on No, I don't know the reason behind it. That said, these links are mostly broken.

So, over this weekend I've set up to point to this server. I'm going to start using this virtual host for my own projects, I suppose. Right now, I've made a pretty front page in just a matter of minutes, and just today I've set up some form of a public upload site using restricted SSH. I've wrote a script to make the whole set-up and upload process not too difficult, but enough to prevent automated spam bots.

This is basically how I set it up and use it, though the instructions differ:

[liliff@hicari ~]$ wget -qO - > ./bin/kmjp
[liliff@hicari ~]$ chmod +x ./bin/kmjp
[liliff@hicari ~]$ kmjp bin/kmjp 
Downloading private key...
Private key now stored at /home/liliff/.ssh/kmjp-upload.
Uploading bin/kmjp...
kmjp                                      100% 1419     1.4KB/s   00:00    
Success! Uploaded file can be found at:

Pretty neat, isn't it? I'm basically giving access to SCP for anyone for a particular folder on the server. The major flaw I have right now is that files may be overwritten, which is something I'll be looking into resolving server-side. It's also somewhat amusing how the script itself auto-updates should there be a change on the server's version of the script. Useful.

Update (9:17): It's been updated to use rsync instead of scp now, to get around the overwriting files issue.

Update (16 Feb 2013): This didn't turn out to be very safe to unleash to the public. I wrote an article that goes into detail about public scp. As a result, the above script and associated private key are no longer available for download.