lae's notebook

Starting a new project!

So, I started a new project called Project Himari (and it's being hosted on github) that I'd like to become a complete maintenance suite for my server and perhaps servers owned by other people. There's not much in it for now, and I'm sure development will be slow since I'm not that well-versed in Ruby yet, but hopefully I can get a lot done within the next few months~

It will basically be something like cPanel/WHM, but coded in Ruby and meant for Lighttpd (and I'm looking into incorporating nginx as an option, too), regular websites (with standard support for PHP, of course) and Rails applications.

All that's been done so far is some planning and layout, along with a script to create an account (but it doesn't create one yet actually, mostly everything up to that point has been completed - the prompts and options, etc.). Learning and going for the time being.

I think I'm going to read another Ruby book now, specifically Zed A. Shaw's Learn Ruby The Hard Way, and work on the project afterwards. It has been a few years since I touched why's poignant guide to ruby (I happen to have a copy I printed out, too, it seems - I might go over it, too).